Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Tim offends me with his yelling of the word AUTOGYRO

I'm still coughing, but otherwise am feeling far more connected to the land of the living than I have been for a few days. This is good. I was seriously worried that I was going to continue worsening each day so that I'd be good and ill just in time for the weekend. As it is, it's looking like I'll be relatively healthy. Knock wood. Now, if only the sun would come out.

About seven hundred thousand giant plants were delivered this morning, increasing the green population of the office exponentially. And everyone has an opinion on where each plant should go and people are running around willy nilly arranging and rearranging and telling each other what they like and what they don't like. Very few are in any sort of agreement. There are currently five sizable leafy green things just in my lobby, and three of them have been shifted several times in the past few hours. There were two fakey topiary-type things in here as well, but those have thankfully been removed to another part of the office. I'm liking the greenery, in any configuration, even more so because I'm not going to be the one in charge of watering the things.

Weekend begins in 2.5 hours. Hurrah. A drink after work with Alison the Legal Department, then perhaps in search of the Mother's Day present I've been putting off for so long.
Tags: sick, work

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