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Previous Entry iwillnotgetsickiwillnot getsickiwillnotgetsick May. 3rd, 2005 @ 09:02 am Next Entry
I am already hungry. Lunch is in 3.5 hours. There is rather a lot of chocolate in my desk. This is not an ideal situation.

And I really hope I'm not getting sick. Last night I was coughing a bit, and this morning I woke up . . . aware of my throat. Not in pain, as such, but there was certainly more sensation there than is normal. I'm feeling OK now, but that may be because the hunger is distracting me. I've been tired for the last few days, but that I've been blaming on the fact that I haven't yet had enough sleep to recover from staying out until 4am Saturday night/Sunday morning. That may be valid. Or it may just be an excuse. Time may tell.

If it's sleep I really need, I won't be catching up on it tonight. Tuesday means quesadilla ni- I mean open mic night. So I'll be heading down to College Park after work. Before I leave, I'll change into my jeans. I only mention this because I did it last week, and I wasn't expecting it to be an entertaining experience, but it really was. 5:30 came, I closed the phones, turned off the lights, straightened up the desk area, and went into the ladies room to change my clothes. And in heading back to my desk to pick up my purse and then waiting for the elevator, three different people were amazed and scandalized by my clothing and footwear. Even though they had seen me in work clothes all day, I had to explain that I had only just changed, that I was going out without going home first, and that I did not actually wear jeans and green Chucks to work. Strange people. I guess seeing the receptionist in street clothes is like seeing your grade school teacher at a club . . . a strip club! (Shocking!)
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