Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

unisex is a vegetable?

I am bored and I am ready to go home. There's nothing going on at work today. I was saying earlier that I would like to go outside and climb a tree. Or at least walk for a long way. But none of that is happening right now. 1.5 hours of work, then a quick swing by the parents' house, then a stop at the grocery store and another at the gas station. Later, maybe some quality time with another resident of Catonsville. But for now, work. Such as it is.

Chocolate break . . .

Mmm. Chocolate covered cherry. (One of the Regional VPs gave me a little box of chocolates yesterday after I had already posted my It's Administrative Professionals Day! thingum. Good stuff.)

And now the boredom's back. Sorry to inflict it upon you.

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