Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

For all that you do . . .

Today is, it seems, "Administrative Professionals Day". This is a tradition carried down from days of old, when the early Christians would honor their Office Assistants and Receptionists with muffins and flowers and greeting cards featuring watercolor representations of rainbows.

OK, this is not entirely true. You might go so far as to say that it was a complete fiction. Aside from the part where I said that today is Administrative Professionals Day. This is in fact a tradition carried down from the formerly instituted (by greeting-card companies and florists) "Secretaries Day", which is no longer considered Correct or, perhaps, inclusive enough.

I, being an Administrative Professional (joy of joys! my life goal is reached!), am among those honored today. And despite what I said before, I have received no flowers or muffins, and my card features a watercolor butterfly instead of a rainbow. I have also been given a $40 gift card to Target. This is indeed wealth beyond my dreams, so maybe I shouldn't scoff at the "holiday".

Open Mic at Perk last night, as it was Tuesday. Quesadillas and veggies (Doom Veggies!) and people and music and good things. There was a demon (or a lemon), a shirt urging all to "Act like you know", a song that Dan should definitely write about Sharif's jacket, Iron Chef fanfiction, and twirly spoons. I braided Erica's hair- one braid only, a sort of preliminary test for this Saturday's seven hundred thousand braids.

Speaking of the weekend, I need to figure out a plan for Friday's movie-going. More to come.
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