Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Everybody Loves HypnoToad

It's quesadilla day. I'm not even going to pretend anymore. It's Tuesday, I want a quesadilla. And so I shall have one. And, as I'm meeting Lacey for macaroni and cheese at Noodle & Co in about 20 minutes, it is a very cheesy sort of day for me. One of the best sorts of days that can be.

My yoga/pilates class last night was really good, in that it made me feel all rubbery afterwards. I think that doing this, even just once a week, is probably doing good things for me. If only I could get myself together enough to do it on my own at other times during the week . . . if ever I was home during the week. At least I've been trying to do some walking on the weekends. It's not much, really, but at least it's activity of a sort.

Thanks to the miracle of AIM at work, mightcould and I have come up with an exciting new way to waste time. Hypothetical Iron Chef! Thrill to Battle Big Mac! Be shocked by Battle Chef Boyardee Ravioli! Feel awe toward Battle Rainbow Sprinkles! Beware Battle Utz Salt & Pepper Potato Chips!

Well, we think it's funny, anyway.
Tags: exercise, food, nonsense

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