Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


Yesterday evening was great. After work, I went straight to the parents' place, where Erica had arranged an impromptu dinner party. She made beans and rice and andouille sausage to feed me, the parents, Ro, The Tim, Sharif, and Will. She did a great job, and I thought that the spicy kick was just right. After dinner, Sharif sat down at the piano and Tim pulled out his guitar, and they entertained us for awhile, playing songs forbidden them at their more normal venue. And after music, Sharif and I headed out to see Sin City, only two hours after the showing we had originally planned to see.

And oh my god. That movie is amazing. It is disturbing. It is extremely violent. It is disgusting. And it is incredible. It honestly looks like they took a comic book and just brought the images straight to life. I would be extremely hesitant to recommend it- I don't think that there is anyone to whom I would say "You must see this movie", simply because it's so obviously going to be a matter of taste. Many people would hate it. But I want to hang posters of it all around.

Today I went to Pier One and bought myself a papasan chair. I chose the big soft corduroy cushion, and I'm very happy. Two trips were necessary to bring the thing home, however, because the bowl-shaped part would not fit through the door of my car. So I had to take the base and the cushion home, and then my lovely wonderful kind roommate Lacey went back with me so we could put the thing in the back of her SUV. And now . . . chair!

I'm going to go sit in my chair now.

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