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Previous Entry food and fuzz Apr. 15th, 2005 @ 03:35 pm Next Entry
My sister is the food-provider today. At lunchtime she met me at the parents' house- where I had to be to water the grass seed- and she came bearing Frisco Burritos! Yum. And tonight she is making beans and rice and andouille sausage. And sharing. Also yum. That Erica, she knows how to treat you right. Or at least how to feed you right, and doesn't that often come to the same thing?

While walking around my neighborhood the other day, I befriended a long-haired grey kitty cat. He was so sweet, coming right up to me and demanding pets. Then when I started walking again, he accompanied me for a block or so, forcing me to stop from time to time to pet him as he so clearly believed he deserved. And I was certainly not going to deny him. Eventually, our paths diverged, and he headed up to the porch of a house, and I continued on my way. I want a kitty.
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