Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

playing along

The browny-orange powder from inside the lilies has brushed itself all over my white sweater. That stuff stains. This is annoying.

It is entirely bitchikittie's fault that I am going to have to quest for Utz potato chips on my lunch break. Hopefully they have some at Subway and it won't be a long or difficult quest.

I'm avoiding doing work. This is a bad thing. But also rather more entertaining than my actual work.

babelmusic's LJ Experiment:

1) Read the SCRIPT below.
2) Copy and paste it into your livejournal.
3) Add five lines from your own "mouth," and insert them in ANY ORDER at ANY POINT into what's already there. So you can put your five lines all together, or interspersed how you choose. It can make sense or not.
Those five lines (in any order) must be:
i) A question.
ii) An exclamation.
iii) An opinion.
iv) Something random.
v) A statement that names one of the other persons in the script in it.
5) Add one sentence of action, in parentheses, at any point.
6) If you do this and then later encounter it again, you can add five more lines. You can add to this as many times as scripts you find.

Here is the SCRIPT:

I always thought The Ramones were the first real punk rock band.

Has it ever occured to you to wear a hat when you go out in the sun?

I think that shade of green is very unbecoming.


(He shakes his fist.)

Don't patronize me.

Apple pie.

(Khakipants opens her jacket to reveal a water pistol)

Freeze, sucker!

What are you trying to say?

I go by Babelmusic.

Well, Babelmusic, give me your lunch money.

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