Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

what, me worry?

It has occurred to me, rather late in the game, that I am meant to be moving this coming weekend, and that there are certain things that are necessary in order for this to happen. I have not yet, for example, packed a single box. This is worrisome, but not overly so. I have evenings all this week to gather stuff together, and I'm sure my parents won't throw my things away if I have to wait a week or two to cart away certain items. However, I have not in any way even made an attempt to find a means of transport for furniture. I have a bed, I have a dresser, I have bookcases, I have a desk. The desk, I grant you, looks like it was made by Rubbermade (Rubbermaid?), and the legs fold in on themselves. But the fact remains that I have furniture to move and no way to move it.

Do I even know anyone with a truck? I don't think so. I may have to rent something. God.

Add this to the fact that I hate (hatehate) asking people to do things that they probably wouldn't want to do (for example, help me move), and I've got a nice little share of anxiety starting.


The weekend was good, though. And I'll get to hang out with friends at Perk tomorrow. And I'm supposed to be having mexican food later this week. So life's OK.

I just wish this rain would stop. But I figure- we're getting the April showers early, we should be getting the May flowers ahead of schedule as well, right?

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