Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Also, bosoms.

One of my favorite parts of the work week is the first half hour of Monday morning. It sounds odd, I know. But I like turning on the lights in the lobby, watering the plants, making sure the fancy real estate magazines on the table are in ample supply and neatly arranged, cleaning out the flower vase in preparation for the new bouquet that will arrive shortly, making sure there's candy in my candy jar. I check the messages from the weekend and forward them to the people that need them. As others arrive, we all agree that the weekend went by So Fast, and we shake our heads as we wonder Where Does The Time Go?

Later, of course, it is simply Monday, and the rest of the week stretches ahead. But that first half hour is quite pleasant.

Speaking of fast weekends, anyway, this one simply flew. The highlight, without a doubt, was felinegroovy's welcome-home extravaganza on Saturday night. A huge group of people assembled at Marrakesh in DC, where we enjoyed a multi-course, three-hour-plus feast. The food was amazing. I will not stop talking about the chicken for weeks, I assure you. It was great to see Sarah, and she's looking fantastic and happy. I'm so glad to have her back in the country. We've agreed to have a photo-sharing and story-telling date soon.

afterknowledge and I now want to take bellydancing lessons.

Other good things over the weekend included art and music on Friday night, two new pairs of shoes on Saturday, and cleaning and general relaxation on Sunday. Also, I called Lacey and have officially fixed that I will be moving to Catonsville- probably the first weekend in April. That's soon. It probably could have been even earlier, but the parents are going to Texas later this week and will be gone until the day after Easter. And I'm depending on their help. Plus, I'll have to feed the fish while they're gone. I'm excited about this move, but not looking forward to the packing. Eek. The unpacking, on the other hand, should be good fun.

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