Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

the downside to being real is that you don't get your own puppet

So yesterday I was angry about snow and work and stuff, but really I had a fairly good day, on the whole. Work wasn't actually interesting, but I kept busy the whole time, which did mean that the day went by more quickly. Which is good. After work I rushed home, rushed into different clothes, and then rushed right back out again to meet afterknowledge at the craft store. We had great fun exploring all the different things available for use as puppet materials, and deciding exactly what was required and what wasn't required but we wanted to buy anyway. We had the hardest time ever locating scissors, oddly enough. And we learned that, in terms of Sharpie packs anyway, any number higher than 8 is merely "many". Hey, at least we're more sophisticated than trolls.

Considering who was doing the shopping and the extreme scatterbrained-ness that we were exhibiting (walking up and down the same aisles several times, getting distracted by things like plastic farm animals and multi-colored yarn), I'm amazed that we got in and out in a half hour. But we did! From there, we went on down to Perk, where we met up with . . . well, several people. Laziness means no tags here. Dave (of no journal) showed up for a little while, and we got to catch up for the first time in, well, quite probably a year and a half. Lots of change for him lately.

Later there was music and puppetry fun and yahtzee and silliness. I made PuppetTim, complete with little felt guitar. I is so crafty.

In other news, psychephage and I are destined for greatness. We have a foolproof business plan that is sure to bring us both fortune and fame. All we need is a grove in Ireland, genetic engineering facilities, and some capital. Feel free to invest. We will accept cash and checks and direct deposit into our bank accounts.

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