Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

my night by my friends list

khakipants is tired. She got approximately fours hours of sleep, but her body insists that it is time to be out of bed. Sigh.

wowbagger spent much of the early morning running at top speed around a stage in front of a large audience and totally owning the role of Wadsworth in Clue. She's the only one for that job, because she and I spent a probably-far-too-lengthy proportion of our childhoods preparing her for it.

babelmusic was killed multiple times with aplomb, also in front of the large audience. He did well, I thought, with the odd sinister that was required of him.

mightcould is a good person who had the role of driver and guide totally volunteered for him. And he has now seen Clue for the first time, which means that he may understand the sisters slightly better now. Perhaps.

afterknowledge fell asleep during the movie, but woke up in time for the most important running-around bits. She also scored less than 100 in a game of call-it Yahtzee, but had a better lame-teenaged-girl-magazine horoscope than I did.

psychephage makes unholy sacrifices to the Yahtzee gods, which sometimes works in his favor, but sometimes just make those around him laughingly cringe.

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