Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

they don't know where they're going, and my friends, neither do i

Sit on it, MapQuest.

. . .

I'm just glad I'm not actually going anywhere. I'm still slowly working on the direction-sheet I was making up early this week. I'm trying to fill in the remaining few addresses that it said it couldn't find when I first entered them. So I'm putting in approximate addresses or getting directions to the center of town, and things like that. And one of the approximate ones, after a long list of directions, ends with something along the lines of "there is xx miles between your end address and the end of your driving directions. use maps to complete your journey."


. . .

Otherwise, my day is uneventful. It's Friday, which is good, even after a short week that was shortened even further by the snow yesterday. I got to go home 2 and a half hours early. And I got free pizza before I went. So that was a fairly good day.

Not sure what's up this weekend. Supposed to do "something cool" with the mom and the sister. Not sure what that's going to end up meaning.

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