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blood and silliness. mostly silliness. - Have Fedora, Will Travel

About blood and silliness. mostly silliness.

Previous Entry blood and silliness. mostly silliness. Feb. 23rd, 2005 @ 03:31 pm Next Entry
I just gave myself a paper cut on the back of my thumb. And my pirate bandaids are at home. Life is sad.

On the bright side, though, this was good fun. (Although it makes much less sense now that the original reason for the comments has been fixed.)

Open mic last night could also be characterized as good fun. Many people to whom I could link, if I had the inclination. I shouldn't have gone, what with the whole lack-of-sleep situation, and I definitely shouldn't have stayed as late as I did, but I survived the drive home, so I guess that's what's really important. I made a minor contribution to Operation: Falco, and I learned about the Coat Closet of Charon (which may be in Baltimore, but may be in Ellicott City. I'm not terrribly clear on that point. Hm . . . I bet it's in Catonsville, to allow for further fun with alliteration.). I met Dave's new guitar, and she's very sweet. I think her name is Cordelia. (Chordelia?) We toyed for a time with the idea of naming her the way show dogs are named . . . Ch. Philomena Maudlin's New Recruit? Ch. Unknown Soldier Takes the Biscuit? Ch. Second Fiddle's Corporate Holiday? . . . but I don't think that I was terribly convincing.

Less than two hours before I can go home and crash. That'll be good.
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