Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna


OK, this might be entertaining.

10 Things I Have Done and You Probably Have Not

1. Ridden a horse through Isengard. (Well, the area in which they filmed the grounds of Isengard.)
2. Been paid $10 to sing the song "Bitch".
3. Given an unprepared talk to a bunch of teenagers relating Catholicism to Star Wars.
4. Had my blankie used to mop up the blood from a head injury (my own).
5. Attended a summertime Yearbook Camp.
5a. Drawn a picture of my own head on a platter, a la John the Baptist, for a high school drawing class.
6. Drunk margaritas in a swimming pool in Cancun for free while "at work".
7. Written articles that have subsequently been published in an encyclopedia.
8. Had a question I asked included as a part of the official FAQ list.
9. Written an academic paper about the movie Starship Troopers.
9a. Said the word "snausages" live on the radio.
10. Fed an eel blancmange with a spoon.

A while ago, I asked Melinda if I might have a desk lamp. I now have a lovely new brass "bankers lamp". I just need to get a bulb for it. And the flowers that I potted (rice bowled?) over the weekend look very nice in their new home. I did well. Go me.

Amazingly, I'm still feeling fairly alert. I hope I don't pay for this by being extra tired tomorrow.

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