Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Behold! The crafty!

My rose has ended up in the Deer Park water bottle after all. But, as I thought that looked too shabby, I wrapped a red piece of paper around the bottle and taped it, so it looks vaguely like an opaque tubular vase, but mostly (to me) like a rolled up piece of red paper. But now everyone is impressed by my crafty.

Behold! By the power of my phone! The crafty!

The act of making that little show-off possible was undertaken with the care of a covert operation. Turn on the phone underneath the desk, take the picture while no one is in the lobby, sneaky under-the-desk keying in of my email address . . . and all for not much of a reward, really. But it was fun. And now that I know it's possible, who knows what may come of it . . .

Probably not much.

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