Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

Money goes out the door when love comes innuendo

Or something like that. TCM is showing 3 Marx Brothers movies a night this week. This is a dangerous state of affairs.

I will be baking today. Christmas cookies. But not those sugar cookies shaped like trees and stockings and whatnot. Oh, no. We don't hold with that kind of thing around here. (Mainly because we find it difficult to make them look right. We never mastered the whole cookie-cutter thing.) But I will be making Gold Rush Brownies and Dream Bars and Swedish Heirloom cookies and Russian Teacakes. Maybe not all today. In fact, if I got all of that done today I would be very surprised.

I still have not recovered completely from working this weekend. I think I must have caught a little cold on the plane. I'm feeling tired and stuffy-headed. But don't worry, I'll wash my hands before baking anything.

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