Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i love the weekend, part deux

OK, lunch is over, the piles of data entry are finished, and so I may finish up with those highlights.

- Food. Bankok Palace on Friday. Quiznos for lunch on Saturday. Senor Tucan's for dinner on Saturday. Oklahoma Dip on Sunday. For the curious, Oklahoma dip is the food that my father prepares every year for Super Bowl Sunday, and only for Super Bowl Sunday. (Warning, just reading about it may clog your arteries.) It's ground beef and sausage and Ro*Tel tomatoes and onions and Velveeta, all mixed together into a giant gloopy mess. You eat it on corn chips. It looks like something horrible and it tastes amazing.

- Games during the Super Bowl. I may have suffered horrible defeat during Yahtzee on Saturday, but I made up for it in Scrabble yesterday. My most impressive moment may have been the use of all my letters to create the word "swingset", but I would have won even without the 50 bonus points that brought me. Trivial Pursuit later in the day was much closer, and I didn't end up winning, but in the end it was a matter of racing to the center (and, of course, getting that center question correct).

And that's about it for the recap.

Yesterday Erica said something along the lines of, "Ever since you got back from New Zealand, you've been flirting with boys!" This is funny because it seems to imply that I've done nothing else for the past few months, but I know what she meant. It's something to do with me being more comfortable around people I don't know terribly well, something to do with me being more confident that I am capable of being interesting, something to do with acknowledging that I'm pretty damn cute from time to time. But it made me wonder if there are other ways that I've changed because of my experience moving away, and how much of that is drawn from the independence and how much from the kinds of people I was meeting and how much is just natural growth. I also wonder to what extent the changes that I think I've noticed within myself have made themselves apparent to those people who have known me both before and after New Zealand. I know I'm still "Joanna", but I think I'd be a little disappointed if I was told that I wasn't different any way other than that I talk about the Southern Hemisphere a lot more than before. Just something I've been thinking about . . . although not expressed as nicely as it could be.

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