November 4th, 2008


Voting Party! Beware Election Bears.

It was a voting party this morning! I left the house at my normal time, having told my boss yesterday that I'd be stopping at my polling place on my way in, and be at the office whenever I was done. On my way out the door, I encountered Lacey, who was just getting ready to set up shop in the living room. She'd been planning to wait until later in the day to vote, but she was so antsy that she decided to head over with me and then walk back afterwards. I'd been planning to take a book, but decided that a roommate was a good trade.

We had to park a few blocks down the street from the school, and the line stretched along the sidewalk almost to the street. I'm glad it was warmish and not raining . . . although I'd like to think that they'd have moved the line to the school hallways if necessary. A coworker showed up shortly after us and joined the line a few people behind. Then Ben arrived a few people behind her! So we had some waves and raised-voice discussion-- hopefully not TOO irritating to the people between us. It didn't last long, honest. We also saw Amy and Alli and James after they finished up and were waiting for Derek (who perhaps had been eaten by election bears?), so we got to talk to them for a bit. And the guy behind us in line turned out to be a coworker of James. Then, on the way back to the car, we passed our next-door neighbor. So yeah, voting party!

All in all, it took about an hour, so I was that much late for work. Most of the rest of the morning has been spent trying to figure out why Flash Player won't install on my computer. (I can't figure it out, the help desk guy can't figure it out, our office IT person can't figure it out.) So it's been a hugely productive day so far, work-wise.