October 13th, 2008

audrey leaves

outside weekend

Sharif and I took advantage of the beautiful day on Saturday by going to Larriland Farm. Everybody else in the area had the same idea, it seems, because it was very crowded, but we managed to acheive our goals without any particular inconvenience. We picked a bunch of apples, chose a pumpkin from the patch, bought cider and honey and apple butter, and ate some fresh, hot apple fritters. We didn't take a hayride or pick the beets and spinach that were available to us, but I think we did OK without them. It was a perfect October activity, even if the temperature was rather too warm in the middle of day for perfect October wardrobes.

That night was the Perk's not-quite-actually-reopening-yet party. (So if I told you that open mic was restarting this week, please ignore that. It'll probably be next week.) It was all outside, and I spent the whole time on a bench near the hot hot fire. There was good music and I got to talk to people I like, so all was good. (Converstional highlight: ghost kitties)

I was alone yesterday, which meant shopping and cleaning and video gaming and Jane-Austen-movie watching (Persuasion). Highly satisfactory. I am alone today too, in that my office neighbor is not here, which means . . . well, it's quiet. Probably won't be watching any movies, though.