September 30th, 2008


The Daily Twitter

  • 09:24 Once again, after one day away, I come back to more mail than I had all last week. #
  • 14:03 Oh hello, Chipotle lunch. What's a nice vegetarian fajita bol like you doing in a place like this? Did you put on all that guacamole for me? #
  • 14:22 Oh, Chipotle lunch. Although you are the first thing I've eaten today, you are too much for me. #
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storm clouds

i'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining

So we had our camping trip this weekend! Sharif and I left on Friday morning for the wilds of West Virginia, hiked to a campsite, stayed there for two nights, then hiked back on Sunday. We got home Sunday evening.

That is the extremely short version, which leaves out all of the water.

And really, you could say that water was the defining attribute of the weekend. We still enjoyed ourselves and managed not to be miserable for most of the trip, and we're definitely glad we did it, but wow. Collapse )

Though it's easiest to talk about the rain and the discomfort, it really was mostly a good time. And we're making notes to help us be more prepared, so that next time will be even more enjoyable. Yay camping!