September 15th, 2008


completing the trilogy

Jess & Dan are married now! The wedding was Saturday, and I had a great time. Of the three weddings these past three weekends, this was the one that required the least of me, so I really just had to show up and enjoy myself. Granted, I did show up two hours early, as Sharif was in charge of sound and ceremony music, but once I got there, I just had to concentrate on not getting in the way.

Bride and groom looked fantastic and so happy. The ceremony itself was both brief and perfectly suited for the two of them, and the reception was a lot of fun. I was particularly impressed that the guests of honor got a chance to eat. Tasty food, awesome cake (I got the almond kind, which was SO YUMMY), plenty of socializing. I got compliments on my dress from people I didn't know, and when asked where I got it, I had to respond with "Honestly, I bought it three years ago. It was probably on clearance at Penny's?" Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely, and as far as I could tell, things went quite smoothly. They certainly went quickly.

I hope that I get to see pictures! I admit that I am particularly curious to see the ones of me and Sharif looking ridiculous on the dance floor. Even more than that, though, I want to see the completed guest book. Based on what I saw, it will be the best one ever.

Oh! Also the best ever? Kazoos as wedding favors. It was a decision that invited cacophony, to be sure, but in a fun way!

So, uh . . . who's getting married next weekend? Gotta keep the streak going!
(Note: I am actually OK with not keeping the streak going.)