September 11th, 2008


The Daily Twitter

  • 09:02 My credit card was not lost; it was in my purse. Not two scenarios I usually confuse. But hooray! #
  • 10:18 Lordy. This guy is trying just a bit too hard to be a "character" #
  • 12:23 @felinegroovy I went to the Dells when I was, like, 5! I remember nothing, except maybe there was a boat involved. And I got a T-shirt. #
  • 12:24 @felinegroovy Also, we toured a cheese factory and took photos of cows. You should find a cheese factory! And some cows! #
  • 12:30 @felinegroovy Basically, it seems "dell"=valley #
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Early September Saga- part three- The Big Day

Still working on catching up. Saturday ended with me and Laura getting back from the rehearsal around 11:00pm. I went to bed at Midnight, and set my alarm for 4:00am.

I woke up on Collapse )

And now Rohini is married! To Will! If you'd told me a decade ago that this would happen, I don't know how I'd have reacted. (I'd have been happy, I mean, but amazed.) It's pretty fantastic. Congratulations to both of them. I know they are and will be happy.
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Early Sepember Saga- epilogue- bringing us to the present

After the wedding.

- Getting home on Sunday, I had to have Sharif help me locate and remove all of the pins in my sari, so that I could get undressed without causing terrible damage. It's a lovely thing to wear, but I was ready to be in pants by that time. Also, removing my shoes, low-heeled though they were, was incredible.

- A little while after we got home, I was sitting on the couch and staring toward some mindless television show when I suddenly sat up and said "Spore!" The game was released that day, and I'd been teasing Ro for ages about how I'd have to miss her wedding so I could play it, but I had completely forgotten. I was tired enough that I would have waiting until the next day to go buy it, but Sharif is a good boy who knows me and bustled me out of the house. He drove me first to the GameStop, which we reached 5 minutes before they closed and only had reserved copies. He then drove me to Circuit City while trying to call Best Buy. Circuit City had the game, and gave me a free t-shirt with purchase. I loaded it onto the computer as soon as I got home (the game, not the shirt), and played until I could not keep my eyes open anymore (just 9:30). Sharif then stayed up for another 6 hours and made it all the way to the final stage in one sitting.

- Monday was nothing but work followed by Spore, I think.

- Tuesday we celebrated Bree's birthday at work, which meant a trip to On The Border. Always good. That night was Ann's birthday celebration at Club Charles, which meant friends and beers. Ann and I exchanged birthday presents, and she proved once again that she is the champion of finding The Perfect Gift. When you see my new purse and my new kettle, you will be jealous. Sharif got a creamy espresso-vodka martini with kahlua, which was super delicious. Erica got both of the honey-themed specials, which were nifty and tasty. I drank beer. It was beery.

- Wednesday was mostly boring, although it was Bree's actual birthday, and her mom brought us a cake. That night, Sharif had studio time with the band, and I played Spore.

- Today is Thursday. Nothing has happened yet, except that I've spent basically the entire morning on livejournal. And now we're up-to-date.