August 22nd, 2008

weighted companion cube

secret apprentice

Last night I was in the midst of downloading the new demo for The Force Unleashed to my XBox when Sharif came home. There's something very satisfying about the first time you pick up an Imperial Stormtrooper, wave him about in the air a bit so that he calls for help and tries to grab onto a friend, then launch him like 100 feet straight up. Yeah, that was awesome. Just wait until I get the skills to throw around TIE fighters.

Mostly, this week has been slow and dull and frustrating. I'm glad to find that we've reached Friday at last. Sharif has off work tomorrow, and we're going to have lunch at his parents' place. We'll spend the afternoon down there, as ilyAIMY has a gig in Gaithersburg that night. So that'll be fun. And the Dogfish Head Alehouse has tasty food. Not sure about Sunday yet, but I might go see Erica's play. That would be good fun, and that actually might be the best day of the whole run for me, considering that pretty soon my weekends are going to be totally packed for nearly a month.