August 20th, 2008


The Daily Twitter

  • 10:00 Spilled my entire cup of tea across my desk. Today's not going to be fun, is it? #
  • 10:28 Also: oppressively tired, freezing despite long sleeves & sweater. Complain complain complain. #
  • 10:45 @ashAfied Oh! I was going to check that out as soon as I got home last night, and then forgot! Now it can be my open mic stand-in. #
  • 10:45 Oh yeah, no open mic tonight, in case anyone didn't get the message. #
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goth babysitter?

oh man, i've only been here for two hours

I'm on my third straight day of being ridiculously sleepy, cold, bored, and grumpy. That is not a mood that lends itself to writing journal entries about fun things I've done, which is a shame, as I had a good weekend.

I'll just say that Jess's bachelorette party was great, and that whenever I get one of those, I hope it's as fun. Palace of Wonders + burlesque show + chatting on the deck + just a couple of drinks + late night at a diner = good time.

Lord, I'm tired. I need a vacation. Can't wait until our trip to Disney World, when I'll get a whole week out of town, but that's not until January. So right now I'm really looking forward to the four-day weekend of my birthday and Labor Day. Not that it will be particularly relaxing, as we'll be driving down to North Carolina on the Saturday, attending a wedding with a bunch of my family on Sunday, then driving back home on the Monday. But it will be fun, and it won't be work.