August 11th, 2008


Where that weekend went

Wow, where did that weekend go?

Through means I know not (bribery, perhaps. or Dark Magicks.) Sharif managed to get almost the entire weekend off. He had to go into the store for a couple of hours on Saturday morning for a meeting, but was home while I was still drinking my coffee- in other words, before he would normally be out of bed. We took advantage of this unexpected gift by playing Tourist for a bit.

We drove down to DC around lunchtime, ate overpriced but tasty salads on a bench by a fountain, then paid visits to the Air & Space and Natural History museums. We bought astronaut ice cream. We discovered that I am too tall to have been a stewardess in the 50s. We compared our heights to those of Ancient Peoples. (Again, we are tall.) Sharif found the queen bee (she has a pink spot painted on her back). When we started getting tired, we headed back to the car and it was an easy jaunt down to Falls Church for ilyAIMY's gig at the Dogfish Head Alehouse. We were there remarkably early, in fact, which means that we managed to have a long chat with our server while we were the only people in his section. Eventually, though, the place filled up, the music went well, and I got to hang out with Kristi- always good. It was a good time, although I forgot to bring my glasses with me, so my contacts were really really hurting me by the time we left. I was sleepy and headachey the whole drive home, and the bed was so soft and welcoming.

Sunday was far lazier, but did involve a bit more touristing. This time we headed north to Baltimore, where we shared a pitcher of sangria and some tapas while sitting at an outside table at the harbor. Perfect day for it. The rest of the day was a lazy combination of reading and napping and video games. So you could say it was ideal.

This morning I remembered breakfast, so we're off to a reasonably good start. I'm pretty damn sleepy, but at least I have good coffee.