July 21st, 2008

weighted companion cube

Friday through Sunday

Three day weekend!

Eye doctor appointment. Dr. Boaz Schwartz probably questions my intelligence now, as I managed to insert one contact lens backwards . . . TWICE.

The Dark Knight. I enjoyed it immensely, although I was surprised at how much story was in there that I thought would be saved for the next movie. Heath Ledger is incredibly effectively creepy. Also, is Gordon's wife really named Barbara?

Dinner at Sharif's favorite sushi place in Baltimore. Veggie rolls for me (avocado and sweet potato tempura). Wimpy, but so great.

"Play! A Video Game Symphony" performed by the BSO (with the help of the Handel Choir) at the Meyerhoff. Had to fight Artscape crowds and altered traffic patterns to get there, but after that stress was over, it was just great fun. I recognized a good bit of the music (Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Castevania, Oblivion, some Halo), Sharif knew more of it, and all of it was beautifully performed. The snippets of game footage on the screen at the back of the stage were often amusing, and the crowd was young and enthusiastic and we are really glad that we went.

And that was just Friday! I also helped Erica move, had a massage, played a bunch of The Sims, watch a lot of the Food Network, drank some vodka/cranberry/ginger ale, got my new glasses, bought a new watch, and skipped out on a bowling outing in favor of more Food Network and Sims.

I think it was a fairly successful weekend.