July 14th, 2008


exploring our home turf

As we sat in the backyard yesterday, sipping coffee in the hot sun and trying to convince the puppy that 96 degree weather is not the best environment for cuddles, Sharif and I decided that we wanted to go swimming. We didn't really know of anyplace to go, so we turned to the internet to guide us. It wasn't the closest or the least costly option, but we ended up giving Cascade Lake a try. (Warning: there's music on that site.) Good choice! The drive was very pleasant, the crowd was not crazy, and the water felt great. It's a lake surrounded by trees, with two swimming areas roped off- one smaller and shallow, one large and pretty deep. It has floating platforms, a high-dive contraption with three levels, a fun waterslide. The non-swimming area has paddleboats. We had a lovely, lazy afternoon. The sun went behind a giant cloud eventually, and we decided to head back to the house. We got home just before the rain started. Perfect!