June 20th, 2008


almost officially summertime

I went to the mall with my mom last night, to help her choose her new glasses frames. We narrowed the selection down to two choices, and she eventually chose the more stylish option. They were very chic, and she was pretty pleased with her choice, but then we found out that her prescription is too strong for her lenses to work in that particular style. So she had to go with the more sedate pair. I still like them very much; they are a sort of pale tortiseshell that goes well with her complexion and her hair color.

After the long glasses-buying process, we got some dinner at Uno's, and then I completely failed to find a birthday card that I liked enough to buy for Sharif. I get picky about cards.

I'm so glad today is Friday. It's been a very long and very boring week. This weekend promises to be busy, but fun. I've had to stake out some time ahead of time for cleaning, since Sharif has invited some people over for his birthday on Sunday, and I certainly can't allow anyone through the door at the moment. Arg, the lawn is seriously in need of mowing, too. I'm disappointed that the cleaning is probably going to conflict entirely with Pile of Craft, but maybe I'll get lucky and finish really quickly? Doubtful. And that really is the only time available, since we have to be in Falls Church for Saturday evening.

I decided that today was a day for coffee, instead of my usual workday tea. I think this was the right choice.
hans poses

The dog is weird

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to mention!

Lacey went to Honfest this weekend, and came home with a beehive hairdo and a bust of Elvis that she picked up in one of the shops. The latter is real subject of this post. It is extremely kitschy, so it naturally got a place of honor in the living room. It is ceramic, but is for some reason painted light brown- so it looks sort of like someone was trying to make it look wooden.

Anyway! Hans is so scared of this thing. We don't get it. The bust was just sitting on the table behind the couch, and all of a sudden, Hans started barking and whining at it. Sharif picked it up and held it out for him to sniff, and Hans wouldn't come near it. If the bust was moved closer, Hans would back away, tail between his legs. He eventually retreated into his kennel. We placed the bust on the floor, in sight of the kennel, but not very close, and Hans would not move as long as it was there.

Now, Hans loves kisses. If there are kisses going on in the room, he feels that he should be a part of it. If Sharif comes home and gives me a kiss hello, Hans immediately has his face between ours. Except the other night. Not even kisses would convince him to come out of the kennel as long as Elvis was around. He got alert, and looked like he was longing to come out, but he was unable to.

We took down the gate from the stairs and put Elvis on the bottom step. Hans came out of the kennel and was acting normally, but he completely avoided the staircase. Lacey was up there, and he'd normally be up there with her as soon as he had the opportunity, but not when Elvis was guarding the way.

Lacey is scandalized.