May 19th, 2008

storm clouds

The difference between unicorns and telepatorthy is the 2% Science! content

Unfair! If we're lucky, lately, Sharif and I share one day off from work per week. And it seems like every time that has happened in the past couple of months, it has rained. I'm perfectly happy to sit around and watch TV or play video games in our weeknights at home. I'm content to clean or run errands on my Saturdays when he's at work. But when we both have a free day, I want to go outside. Our bikes haven't seen any use since it started getting warmer, and that's just not right.

Of course, today is sunny and beautiful. Does me a lot of good on Monday. Gee thanks, Weather!

In happier news, I got to hang out with Rohini and Ann and Dave for awhile on Saturday night. FAR too long since that last happened.