May 15th, 2008


still sad

I had a really good milkshake last night. Oreo/chocolate/malt. I would like another one of those, please. I would like to leave work now with that milkshake. Steal Peanut from Ben's house. Go back to my place, change into my pajamas, open those windows in my bedroom- the ones that don't actually open. Spend the rest of the morning in bed with the calm puppy, the boy dozing or playing his Castlevania game next to me. I'll watch DVDs, or play my own new game, or read a book. In the afternoon, after Sharif has gone to work, I'll take my iPod for a walk through the woods. I'll sit by a river for awhile and watch the water.

Or maybe I'll stay at work, where my hand has decided to ache when I type. And there's a granola bar for breakfast, if I want it. Yeah.
audrey leaves


I'm feeling a little better now. I had lots of tea, and it's a quiet day. I'm not going to go home. We're already down one person in the department. I am, however, going to spend as much of the afternoon as possible in the other room with my filing cabinets, away from the phone. I'm also going to go find that milkshake on my lunch break. I'm supposed to have dinner with my parents after work, and I'll take a walk with my mom. And this evening I will curl up in bed and watch DVDs and go to sleep early.

I think it's a good plan.