March 18th, 2008

ponder stibbons

Objects in your direct field of vision may be closer than they appear

Is it true that a cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is wide enough for it to fit through? 'Cause if it is, then I think I need to get myself some whiskers.

Not that I'm constantly trying to wedge myself into spaces the width of my head, of course. But I do consistently hit wall corners and doorframes with my shoulders. Filing cabinets with my elbows. Desk corners with my hips. It's a good thing that I don't run around at top speed all the time, or I'd be covered in bruises.

I don't know if it's (solely) a result of me not paying enough attention to the world around me, or if my truly awful ability to judge distances is coming into play. Honestly, I just spent a full minute trying to guess how far it is from my desk to the wall. I had to get up and use my armspan to determine that it was about 3 feet closer than my best guess.

Actually, I guess I need more than just whiskers. I need some sonar too. Cat powers plus bat powers. And I'll hold on to my current hat powers. You can keep the rat powers and gnat powers, though. Don't want to be too greedy.

opening the window

On my work computer, Word thinks that my monitor is half an inch lower than it really is. It's really strange. If I hit "expand" or "maximize" or whatever it is, I can see the top half-inch of my desktop background above the window, and I can't see the bottom half-inch of Word. And I can't drag the window to the right place, because it's supposedly maximized and doesn't recognize that there's anywhere to go. I can start with a smaller window and drag it out to fill the screen, but it doesn't end up quite the same. And it makes my email messages open up huge, which annoys me unnecessarily. Excel, Access, IE all cooperate. Word is my problem child.

eta: OK, weird. I guess I just fixed it. It had been doing that for months, and now it's OK. Like I just had to mention it, and the computer was like "Oh! Sorry! I didn't know that bugged you. Why didn't you say something?"

. . . Anyway.

I'm really not productive today. Must try to get something done.