March 11th, 2008


making room

I spent last night doing the giant chore that I set for myself and then completely ignored this past weekend. I now have three (kitchen) trash bags full of clothes that have been removed from drawers and closets and will no longer be worn (by me). I was pretty hard on myself this time around, and finally managed to pull out a number of things that I never wear but had been holding onto because they were gifts. But really, how many giant t-shirts with place names emblazoned on them does one girl need? I held on to a few for future messy projects like cleaning, painting, yardwork and the like. That should be sufficient. Don't need a whole bin full!

I'm making progress on my Terrible Work Project, too. And the sun is now high in the sky when I leave the office at 5:30. I have my fingers crossed that this week will be miles better than the last.