February 29th, 2008


just stuff

I keep getting calls on my cell phone with an automated message saying that my car warranty is about to expire. It's not every day, but I've probably had at least 4 of these so far. I know it's not for real, because I didn't have this phone number when I bought my car. Plus, my mom has been getting the same sorts of calls on her cell phone, and she has only given that number to family members. Each one says that it is a "final courtesy call". Wish it was.

In other news, my company now has a Facebook page. Because of this, the main page of our internal website today has an article urging people to start Facebook accounts in order to become "fans" of the company. I'm really amused that my work is encouraging me to log in to Facebook at the office.

Finally, my dream last night featured 3arabi and some singing camels. That was odd.