January 28th, 2008

kiwi crossing

en zed

Aw, man. I got an email from an aunt, asking if she could share my contact info with a coworker. This guy is quitting his job and going to New Zealand- same kind of visa I had, and everything. Obviously I agreed to help out and answer any questions that I can, but now I'm all missing the travel. I'd love to do that again. I'd jump at the chance to get back to NZ for a bit, of course, on my own or showing someone else around. But I'd also love to re-experience the whole "quitting my office job to spend a year in a completely new place far away from everything and everyone I know" thing. It was really one of the very best things I could have done for myself, and I think it made a huge difference.

Of course, it would be harder now. There's this Sharif guy, for one thing, and I really would like to have money for things like houses someday, for another thing. I did come back to the States basically broke.

Oh well.

In other news, I spent much of last week feeling ill, and then as soon as I started feeling better, Sharif came down with the same thing, only worse. Work is hugely busy and also stressful and also boring. Lacey is going to be out of town for a few weeks, so I'm going to have the house all to myself starting tomorrow. I finally have a pair of black pants that I love, but I definitely need to buy a new belt. And I stopped by Starbucks at lunch today and spent a few minutes visiting with Kurt. I hope his coworker was sufficiently impressed by his cute professional female friend who talks about video games.