January 25th, 2008

sleepy kitty

two brief conversational snippets

I bought myself a tear-off calendar for my desk last time I was at the mall. It's 365 pictures of sleeping kitties. The kitty today looks much like my Marmalade, and is basically the same picture as the one in my icon up there. She was such a pretty cat.

I have just remembered a recent conversation in which someone (Jess? Rohini?) told me about someone who was going to name a pet one thing that I have forgotten, but then decided on Spaghetti. Or something like that.
me: That animal is named after food.
her: I think it's not too unusual for pets to be named after food.
me: I don't think that I've ever named an animal after f. . . oh wait. Marmalade. Never mind.

Here is where I segue to a completely unrelated conversation that I had with my dad yesterday.
me: Did you see the full moon on Tuesday night? It was huge and yellow.
dad: Yup! My watch had four fish on it!
me (laughing): I . . . have no idea what that means.

Turns out that he has a watch with many features, one of which tells you how good the conditions are for night fishing, on a four-fish scale. Four fish is good fishin'. So it does make some sense, although as a response to a question about the moon, I feel that "My watch had four fish on it" is pretty fantastically unexpected.