January 3rd, 2008

hans poses

OK, I'll be fine

OK, so I realize that I posted a two-line entry yesterday about being unhappy, after more than two weeks of silence. Please do not view that entry as indicative of the mood of any time period longer than the 30 minutes prior to my posting it.

The 11 days prior to yesterday were basically great. Christmas was beautiful and fun and full of friends and family. The New Year was celebrated successfully and enjoyably. The non-holiday days of the rest of my vacation were restful and joyful and boy-full. We ate at restaurants far too much. We drank rather a lot at times. We played Rockband for the first time, and it is as fun as people say it is, which I didn't actually expect. We took the most relaxed brewery tour I've yet experienced. I played a lot of Mass Effect and The Sims 2, and watched several episodes of Planet Earth and Monty Python. I spent time with some of my favorite dogs.

I'm not pleased to be back at work, but I'm not full of despair.