October 16th, 2007

kiwi crossing

i didn't visit there

My dad went to a conference in Florida and came back with a very large bag full of random free stuff. Pens and tshirts and squeezy balls and squeezy other things and frisbees and a rubix cube and a thumb drive and tiny stuffed scuba divers and an Albert Einstein action figure and a bunch of things that light up. . . it's crazy. I liberated an inflatable globe from the stash and have claimed it for myself. I don't think I'll use it as a real geographical resource, though. Well, unless I find out that there really is a place in New Zealand, right near where Dunedin should be, called "Ounedni". Oh, and a city in Virginia called "Not folk".

(Hee. I just googled "ounedni", and it gave me "no search results found. do you mean dunedin?")

I'm so sleepy. And the coffee is gross today. Boo hoo.