October 10th, 2007

lego indy

maybe I'm being hasty- DOES anyone want to pay me to grill and play?

As I walked from my car to the office this morning, I thought to myself "I should make myself be in a good mood today!" We'll see how that works out. Most days I manage "neutral".

At the moment, I'm mostly looking forward to the after-work part of the day. Lacey and I have plans for bratwursts and beer. And later I will be able to download Puzzle Quest to my XBox. Those are two activities I will endorse wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, no one is going to give me money to grill sausages and play puzzle games, so I guess I have to go through this whole office thing first.

You know, I'd probably have a better chance at Cheerful today if I'd worn something else. When I was getting dressed this morning, I forgot that I don't really like this pair of slacks anymore. They were clean and the right color, so on they went. But they aren't comfortable. I need to do some clothes shopping, to prevent situations like this.