August 23rd, 2007


also, i ordered the internet browser for my Nintendo DS

Late last week I finally got fed up with the fact that my Wii would not connect to the internet long enough to download a game or show me a website. OK, truthfully, I was annoyed with that long before, but as troubleshooting would involve running up and down the stairs several times from the Wii in the living room to my computer in the basement, it took awhile to get motivated enough to do anything about it. Eventually, though, I did the whole looking-up-error-codes, adjusting-router-settings, double-checking-connections thing. And now it works! So far, Lacey and I have primarily used our new resource to watch YouTube videos on the television. Well worth the effort, really. And whenever they release Super Mario 3 for the virtual console . . . well, then life will be even sweeter.

My birthday is a week from yesterday. I will be turning 28, and yet when my mom asked me what I want, I gave her a list of video games. If I had my own house, I'm sure that would be different. But at the moment, I don't have anywhere to put a neat new piece of furniture. And I totally want to help Harry Potter recruit the DA.