March 21st, 2007


Exquisite Corpse the Sixteenth

We added three more Exquisite Corpses to the collection last night at open mic, and now Cacie has been added to the list of archived artists.

I have a large blank spiral-bound book at home that was given to me as a gift some time ago. It has lovely unlined recycled-paper pages and I haven't done anything with it, for fear of the chosen content proving unworthy. Perhaps I will use that as the physical display for these. The paper version of following this link.
alien me

a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of dusting

Spring started at 8:07pm yesterday. There was no sudden blooming, no crash of warmth. (Yeah, warmth totally crashes. What of it?) But spring has started and I am wearing my sunflower dress in celebration. I'm also wearing the earrings with little lizards resting on green leaves. Perhaps I will inspire mother nature to put on her springtime clothes.

I'm still excited about the continuation of my cleaning this evening. This is extremely unusual, so I must run with it while the motivation is there. I've a list of supplies that I will purchase on my way home from work. It's honestly going to be distracting me all day.

So weird!