November 29th, 2006

yahtzee car bomb

suddenly you swerve to the right, narrowly missing . . . the scary door

The fog rolled in overnight. Up here on the fifth floor, it looks like we're working within the clouds. It's a surreal sort of feeling, like maybe we're in a Ray Bradbury story. You know the kind- the rest of the world is gone, and all we can do is stay at the office, filling out paperwork and sending it into the void.

I know that's not true, though, because I still get phone calls.

Open mic last night was fun, with a full list for the first time in several weeks. Jess needs an antenna on her head, Robby stood in for Heather on drums, and I was unable to adequatelyexplain why girls so often are attracted to taller guys. I learned how to play Go, by which I mean that I got the basic rules, then was soundly beaten twice by Brian. But I expected that. I can say that I showed improvement from the first game to the second, so I'm not terribly ashamed.

I went to the parents' house for lunch yesterday, and stole myself a turkey sandwich. I'm thinking that I may do the same today.