September 25th, 2006



It's such a lovely day outside that when I left the office at lunchtime, I immediately discarded any idea of sitting inside at Panera or somewhere similar. In fact, I discarded the idea of sitting at all. I needed to be outside, and I needed to be moving.

The one sad thing about my workplace's location is its lack of anywhere to walk during the lunch hour. It is convenient to drive to any number of good places to eat or to run errands- a feature that I do appreciate greatly. But if I want to get outside for any length of time, I either have to sit still on a bench, wander around the parking lot, or risk being hit by a car. There's a lack of sidewalks, is what I'm saying. So today, wanting as I did to enjoy both fresh air and motion, I hopped in my car and drove to my parents' house. I left the car in the driveway and changed into the walking shoes that I conveniently had with me. I then walked to the grocery store. Granted, it's not a terribly thrilling walk, but it was the right distance, I did still need food, and it was pleasant enough that I was sad to have to come back inside.

I bought a salad and some grapes for my lunch, and ate them at my desk while working. I still have plenty of grapes, which suits me fine. A much healthier snack to have around than anything I could find in the vending machine.

In other news, I had a lovely weekend, including the end of 24 Season 1, some video gaming, pulled pork, a play about the end of the world, post-play drinks with friends, shopping, baking a cake, creating a recipe for lamb, and four hours of Battlestar Galactica.

Two Sentences

I started packing my own lunch when I was 10 years old.

My mother works with a woman who buys frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her daughter's school lunches.