July 28th, 2006

giant fork!

He didn't want the helmet with the googly-eyed planes on it

I thought that yesterday evening was going to be dedicated to playing with the puppy dog. And there was some of that. But Sharif and I were hungry, so we went out for food. And our quest did ultimately result in a meal, but we made several side treks. On our way down Rt 40, we noticed a bike shop. Since Sharif has recently acquired a bike, we decided to stop in and pick up a few necessities- a helmet, a lock, a water bottle, a pump, a trunk-mounted rack. The rack holds three bikes, so that means that I will soon be able to liberate my own bike from the parents’ basement. This is exciting.

In that same shopping strip, we found a branch of my bank that I didn’t know existed and a Ritz Camera that closes surprisingly early. Not useful last night, but good information for the future.

Next stop, the Columbia mall. A Ritz Camera that was open but did not have the item we sought. Resisted the lovely-looking fresh-dipped chocolate-covered cherries at the candy place. Then . . . food! We went to Uno’s, ‘cause we were right there, and we were really hungry, and I love pizza. Three excellent reasons. Dinner conversation resulted in scientific metaphor. Caramel for supersaturation I remember, the more interesting ones I do not.

The lightning after dinner was amazing. It alternated between flashes that lit the sky without discernable shape, and distinct spikes and forks headed the opposite direction from that traditionally depicted. We leaned on the car on the top level of the parking garage, and watched the lines of electricity fan out from the clouds to the sky.

We stopped by Blockbuster on the way home, to find a movie from a list on Sharif’s syllabus. We found something fairly easily, but then had to peruse the entirety of the New Release wall, just to see what was there. There are so many dreadful horror films. It’s wonderful. I briefly played the part of That Girlfriend, trying to convince Sharif that he wanted to rent Love by Lay-Away: The Musical Stageplay. He wasn’t convinced. It’s just as well, as I probably don’t want to watch it either.
goth babysitter?

Petulant: Unreasonably irritable or ill-tempered; peevish

Most of my work friends are going to the American Idol concert in DC tonight, which means that they left (or will be leaving) early in order to get to the show on time. I was offered a ticket and turned it down (for the simple reason that I was not remotely interested in going), so I'm not annoyed at them for getting in free or for leaving early. But it does mean that I am going to have to sit at the reception desk from 5:00-5:30 instead of leaving at 5:00 as I had hoped. And, because I am spoiled enough that I take for granted the fact that I usually get to leave early on Friday, I am sulking. Never mind the facts that I stayed until closing every Friday when I was the receptionist, and that Diana never gets to leave early. I am bored and I want to go home, so I shall wallow.

So there.