July 7th, 2006


Hey, Joanna, what did the creators of "White Chicks" ever do to you?

I worry about the creators of the upcoming movie Little Man, for which I've been seeing commercials lately. I worry about their motivations for making this film . . . Do they think that it is an original idea? Do they think that it's a classic idea to which they are bringing new life? Do they think that no one will remember the millions of old cartoons with this same plot, and will credit them for the idea? Do they anticipate that people do remember those old cartoons and have been waiting for a live-action big screen adaptation, with the inevitable additions of jokes about sex and bodily functions? It baffles me.

I also have the same worry about this film that I had when I started seeing commercials for Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. Namely, I am concerned for the people who will actually watch these movies. I worry that all of the "best" parts really are in the ads, as we always claim. Because these bits that we are seeing, if they are the best these movies have to offer . . .

Just no.

My roommate and her boyfriend went to see Superman Returns the other day. (This, I do want to see.) While waiting to enter the lobby, they heard the ticket taker talking to someone a few people ahead of them in the line. He asked the customer "What do you want to see that for?!?" Alas, Lacey was unable to discern which movie he was referring to. I am really curious- what movie is so awful that the employees of the theatre actually warn away potential viewers? That's awesome.