February 22nd, 2006

yahtzee car bomb

A few notes before bed

I entered Perk this evening carrying some clothes to return to Erica. Likewise, she brought clothes that belong to me. We made the switch. However, Erica then left her bag behind, so I came home with three times as many clothes as I started.

Rohini told me that the sweater I was wearing reminds her of me. This seems appropriate.

My quesadilla was not charged to me because someone threw out the first ticket without filling the order, and no one noticed for nearly an hour. Later, and unrelatedly, I got the first brownie after the batch was removed from the oven. It was very large and still extremely warm.

As I was leaving the open mic, a guy with whom I am not acquainted indicated Sharif and told me to "hang tight to him". I believe this was meant to communicate that Sharif is a worthwhile boyfriend because of his musical talents and I should keep him around.
-Alternate interpretation 1: A semi-sarcastic reference to the way that I was hugging Sharif as we shared a sofa.
-Alternate interpretation 2: I should "hold tight" to Sharif, because otherwise someone else might steal him away. Potential stealer presented: John Cook
giant fork!

bake until golden, and bubbly around the edges

I stopped at the store on my way home from work this evening. Bought things like apples and toothpaste. I also picked up, for the first time in years, a chicken pot pie. One of those individual ones in the yellow box. Mrs . . . Something. Started the oven preheating as soon as I got in the door. Baked it, ate it. Burned my mouth. But man, it was tasty. My one regret is my failure to buy ice cream. Apparently, I'm about the comfort food today.

It was snowing this morning, and I figured that we were fated to have several inches at least, because I was wearing the exact wrong shoes for nasty weather. Alas, my theory did not hold water, and the snow stopped mid-morning. We worked a whole day with no pretty to make it nicer, just grey coldness outside all windows. I admit that I'm spoiled- lots of offices don't even have the hope of closing early if bad weather looms. And many offices were not closed this monday as we were, making this an already shortened week. But admitting that I'm spoiled does not in any way increase my desire to be at the office when I'm tired and unmotivated and lacking interesting activity. In fact, I was lacking most any activity other than filing. There's plenty of that to do. Lucky me.

Tonight promises to be a night of quiet contemplation of the TV screen. I am quite all right with that.