Indiana Joanna (khakipants) wrote,
Indiana Joanna

i've got you, babe

I considered calling in "saw my shadow" this morning, but decided that my supervisor probably wouldn't buy the idea that I'd turned into a groundhog since she saw me last. So I'm at work. It's OK, as- like most days- I feel fine once I'm showered and dressed and warm. But the getting-out-of-bed part of the day is just so hard.

I recently watched the Disney version of Cinderella for the first time in many years. In all the thousands of times that I watched it when smaller, it had totally never registered with me that the last time we see Lucifer in that movie, he is plummeting from an extremely high tower window. And suddenly I found myself feeling sorry for the creature. Sure, he was a villianous kitty, but he was a kitty nonetheless, and I'm a sucker. Lame.

Went down to College Park last night, as one does on Tuesdays, for music and good company and refreshing beverages and no Boston Cream Pie. There was also a lack of games this time, but there was discussion of socks as sleeves and hats as shirts, there was the scariest author photo ever (Stephen King on the back of a hardback of Misery), and there was analysis of a Thomas the Tank Engine picture book. We're pretty good at nonsense 'round these parts. Especially when there's the possibility of amusing or confusing random bystanders.

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