December 16th, 2005



Today is my Daddy's birthday! Celebrate the birth of the man who made my existence possible!

Today elf_owl is in Maryland! Celebrate the temporary return of one of my favorite people in the world!

Yesterday psychephage finished up his semester by totally rocking his Chemistry final! Celebrate how smart the boy is!

Tonight is a Might Could show at The College Perk! Come out and celebrate guitars!

Today the sun has come out! Celebrate the end of the freezing rain!

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beware and merry

book-buyer's query

Say, butnotdavid, suppose someone had visited her local large chain bookstore on the 3rd. And suppose that, while there, she looked for a book that was not in stock. And further suppose that the person behind the info counter said that he would order that book and this someone would receive a call when it came in- in 3 to 8 days. If it is now 13 days later, and the girl has received no call, should the girl then assume that she needs to find a different Christmas gift for the intended recipient of that book, do you think?

'Cause that's annoying.

ETA: I went over to the store at lunch. When I asked if my book had come in yet, the nice woman behind the counter looked it up and said that my copy had been sent . . . but that in the meantime, they had some on that shelf right over there! So I bought one of those. Because huh?