December 15th, 2005

sim christmas

a lesson is learned

Yesterday evening, while trying to parallel park, I had to maneuver over a strip of compacted snow and ice that lined the one available parking spot on my street. I got most of the way in diagonally, then my wheels started spinning. I could move neither forward nor back, and the front of my car was still sticking out into the way of traffic. Eventually I had to admit to myself that I had done all that I could do on my own. I turned off the car and headed into the house, where I luckily found Lacey and Madhu in the living room. Through the power of Teamwork (namely, Madhu pushing while I tried again to drive), we managed to get my car back out into the street. At that point I drove around the neighborhood until I found a less perilous spot- around the corner a few blocks away.

Not really my idea of a fun evening's activity, but no lasting bad effects.

Today my Receptionist Gift collection has increased by one scented candle, bringing that tally up to three.

I got a text message on my lunch break from elf_owl, in the airport waiting to board. So soon to see her!