October 27th, 2005

sharie sleepy

the perils of repose

I woke up this morning at 4:30, alert and rested. I stayed in bed, however, and eventually fell back into a doze. This means that I got to wake up again two hours later, exhausted. Sigh. The shower helped, as did the walk up the three flights of stairs to the office, but I am still having no trouble thinking of places that I'd rather be. Most of them involve reclining on a cushioned surface. With blankets.

Ooh, and I just remembered a seriously disturbing dream that involved many of my co-workers. I "learned" some things in that dream that I'd really rather not have in my head when talking to a couple of these people. Especially the guy whose girlfriend also works here. Ack.

don't even ask me about the monthly reports right now

My drawer just played Immigrant Song at me twice in a row. I've now put my phone on silent, as I failed to do when I got in this morning.

When people come in to do job interviews, the appointments are set up by a member of the Human Resources department. The applicants are supposed to meet with the HR representative first, who will then introduce them to the hiring manager. Often the applicant will remember the manager's name from the initial phone conversation, and simply ask for him or her when they arrive for the interview. If I then suggest that maybe they spoke to one of our HR people, they will say, "Oh yes, that's right! I was supposed to ask for her!" Then I call back and inform the person they are actually supposed to see.

There is an important position open in the Marketing department, and most of the people who have come in lately to speak to the Marketing director have been interviewing for that job. So when a guy in a suit came in this morning and said that he was to meet with the Marketing Director, I asked him if he was supposed to talk to Human Resources. Turns out that he's a vendor, not an applicant. Ok, no big deal.

Except that when they were finished their meeting and the Marketing director was walking him to the door, I noticed that the guy was telling the story. Like, "Ha ha, she thought I needed a job! But I have a job! It's so funny!"

Huh? That's anecdote-worthy? Right.